Saturday, July 10, 2010

Help me solve a problem in Haiti?

Wednesday at lunch, I was reading a recent NY Times article on the plight of orphans in Haiti,

I was burdened by what appeared to be the fact that these children were basically appeared to be falling thru the cracks amidst the flood of international aid.

So, you can’t always believe what you read right? Fact checking in Haiti is probably 100x harder than it is in the USA, right?

What can I do? Tweet. Facebook. Recommend via other NYTimes people that we do the same to call attention to their plight.

My family supports World Vision-mentioned in the article so I went there first. I tagged them both of Facebook and Twitter! The responded in less than 24 hrs:
I also made a new friend Kayann who was also concerned after reading the article! Facebook Profile: -she also got a gracious response from Lindsey on the World Vision (WV) staff.
Then I thought, well-the journalist who wrote the article might have an update since Wednesday-so I wrote her too:

Then I said-”Who are my friends on twitter who might also know people who can help?” First I thought of Shaun King @shaunking a Pastor in ATL who is taking a team to Haiti in a couple weeks and has been providing tents there thru since the disaster... Then I tweeted @Oprah...

and so...
I find out that today is Seth Godin’s 50th birthday and he has given it to @Charitywater . So I tagged them both too!

To see if there was any mention of the article, I watched the UNICEF update at: but nothing there. Tons of other info though...

Then tagged my buddy Matt Shultie who has an awesome ministry for children called CasaViva! His goal is to see 1 million children will be placed in family based care in Latin America.

Then I remember that it was really the former President Bill Clinton’s job to represent us there... Evidently he was officiating a wedding ceremony... Yup. Clinton. Wedding ceremony. I tweeted him anyhow and requested to be his ‘friend’.

Then I decided to have Breakfast with my wife as she was having lunch at 2:30pm and see who responds...

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