Saturday, June 14, 2008

Enka Triathlon at Biltmore Lake was AWESOME!

No, that really isn't a smile, it is a post-race grin and grimace.

First triathlon of the season, experienced adrenaline, pain, exhilaration and a very cool but gnarly course. Good news! I was in a better shape than I thought! Felt so good on the swim for the first 200 I swam well past the first buoy before I realized it! I think my swim was 3min faster than last time we did the course. Thank you , Bill Keel and my Reuter YMCA Master Swim Buddies!

On the ride, unfortunately, I still couldn't hang with the amazing Dewayne Robinson with his kickin' fresh new aero bike. This is his home course. Like REALLY his home course. Like his house is ON the course. That said, Dude is a total machine wherever he goes! Before the race, he said he had been at the beach all week and did virtually nothing but hang out drinking sweet tea and eating cheese puffs. (Mild exaggeration on the tea & cheese puffs.) Here's to beach week before a race! I want to get on your training program Dewayne!

My main man, Team Red Leader, Hudson Owen overtook me and made me chase him from about mile 3 to 13 of the bike. Then politely, as only a Brit can do, he let off the accelerator so I could overtake and return the favor. Unfortunately, I never returned the favor. We Americans can be ugly like that. Maybe next time bro! (He still took home some Mugware for the Clydesdale division!)

Yet another lesson in humility today. I made a mistake I had only heard of total novices making. Got H2O and Gatoraide bottles confused in a cool downhill and generously squirted my helmet and head with Gatoraide! Sticky. ROTFL

No surprise with the winners. Kevin Lisska was #1, Brad Miller #2 finishing strong for the AshevilleTri home team. Julia Tobias won the womens and was hanging out with the baby after as though they had just been out for a little stroll!

Some cool post race tees were spotted including Underdog and "Chicks dig my ride."

Wendy Miller (while simultaneously kid wranglin) and I took a few photos. I think I still have some to upload but I'm late for my nap.

The littlest Curwen got the most fashionable sunnies award while his mom Monica had the "most advanced hands free to accept awards" friendly child front pack. Like is Jay in the gear business or what! ;-)

Lecky Haller shared with Joe and I that part of his paddling success was due to his very well accomplished 'Robot' dance/warm up routine.

Thanks to all the volunteers, to the fire and law enforcement folks for one of the safest races I can remember. Thanks to Greg Duff, GloryHound Events and AshevilleTri Club Officer! Thanks to our sponsors, especially Apollo Flame for the very tasty Grilled Greek Chicken Salad. Extra thanks to SetupEvents did a fabulous job making a great, safe event for everyone.

I think we ran out of AshevilleTriClub Membership Apps in the first 15 minutes before the race.

Hope you all enjoy the photos and the slides. God blessed us with an incredible day!

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