Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lookout Google! First Facebook and Now Twitter Going for the Merchant Purse!

There was a time when Google Adwords and Google SEO were the main game in town when it comes to driving traffic to e-commerce websites.

With tongue firmly in cheek, I predict the days of TOTAL Google dominance are numbered. Here is the hipshot, unshod of why and how here at the end of the day and a little advance scoop on the @earlybird ...

Yahoo! and Bing are looking much stronger together than they did apart.

People are spending a huge percentage of their time online on Facebook.

Now comes the Twitter @earlybird !! It seems Twitter finally has a monetization model that looks a lot like Woot! for everyman. (Given Amazon's purchase of Woot! -might not be a bad idea.)

Now, early adopters shouldn't expect the agency dashboard that Google Provides and could be forced to manage ad campaigns awkwardly with their own personal logins a la Facebook BUT reshaping the incoming traffic pipeline so it is a little less dependent upon Google and more diversified should be a goal of all merchants before the end of Q3! (What if Google pulls another November stunt that crashes your organic rankings to the cellar!? How will social search change your traffic pattern-will they like "like"? )

While merchants must still monitor changes to the google bot, diversifying traffic sources is a key survival tactic for our clients in our ecommerce strategy portfolio.

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"What is @earlybird?"
- Twitter Help Center (view on Google Sidewiki)

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