Thursday, December 3, 2009

ML OOO Dec 4-14, Email Amnesty Day Declared 12/15/09

Dear Friends, Clients, Colleagues (or "Spammers" if the 'shoe fits'),

I'm out of the office from essentially 12/4/09-12/14/09 in Nicaragua with limited cell phone and internet access. (We do expect to have power, indoor toilets and running water occasionally-just in case you wondered.)

If I owed you an email or otherwise had a ball on my side of the court before Delta removes me from North America, please accept my apology.

Friends, As does most of America now, I'll be checking and posting on Facebook first while travelling and when I return first. If you haven't heard me say it yet: "Facebook is the New Top Drawer of the Email Inbox. " There, I've said it and this is the proof. This is also where I'll blog and post links to our trip photos and videos as power and time allow.

Colleagues, After I check Facebook, I'll peek at my inbox at Linked-In.

Clients, I have designated the following really cool FastPivot Team Members and their unique talents to cater to your every whim while I'm out of North American airspace:
  • New Accounts, Positivity and Very good alternating Texas and Yiddish accents: Leta Kreiger 888-770-8883 x327
  • Business Affairs, HR, Payables, Receivables, My Appointment Calendar, AshevilleTriClub Business and Tireless Encouragement, etc Daphne Weimer 888-770-8883 x326
  • Press Inquiries, Fan Club Applications, Marketing or Advertising Opportunities (and any mechanical issues with your bicycle) Jen Boos 888-770-8883 x312
  • All things FastPivot Software, holding down the West Coast Office while simultaneously keeping the Golden Gate Bridge Golden and California from slipping into the ocean, Ken Lubeck 888-770-8883 x315
  • Current Accounts, Vice President for Operations and Project Oversight and General Pooper Scooper, Sweeper & Clean Up Batter where all the above leave off- Keith Enloe 888-770-8883 x302
Given that incredible matrix of coverage and masterpiece of delegation, I hereby declare December 14-15th (depending upon your time zone Aussie and Kiwi Friends) as EMAIL AMNESTY DAY!

On this day, I'll archive all my email for the year to date and will start with a fresh inbox and new ideas.

If you have something that needs specifically my attention and doesn't fit any of the above categories, please contact me again after 12/15/09 and I will read it from my squeaky clean inbox.

Matthew Ledford
FastPivot LLC and

ps... If you are synchronous and retro enough, you could also call the office sometime after 12/15 at 828-225-8883 x301 and I'll do my best to answer!

PPS... Spammers, even though you aren't reading this... Don't call me, I'll call you. Merry Christmas! ;-)

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please call or contact Daphne (dweimer at 828-225-8883 x326 and she can help you!

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