Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas just isn't saying enough.... So here is my Christmas prayer for you and yours...

Friday 12/25/2009
Christmas Day

Merry Christmas seems just so over used.... So here is my Christmas prayer for you and yours...

May you know how much God truly loves you on this day and how special you are in His eyes. There is no one else on the planet who holds your place. Even if you have a twin, there is not another like you who holds your place in this world. Even if there were not another soul on the planet, he would have sent Jesus (the Baby who was King) just to rescue you. He also wants to give you wisdom, strength and courage to face whatever comes. You simply can humbly ask as would a little child.

You see, we are born into a natural family but adopted into a spiritual one. Our earthly fathers (though there are many fine ones) are far from perfect. Natural birth carries with it a certain set of attributes, attitudes and some measure of inheritance. Spiritual rebirth brings an inheritance that transcends the natural predisposition. There are spiritual rights, privileges and promises that are ours by faith and adoption by Our Heavenly Father. Our spiritual family joins us to a King and a Kingdom and a Royal Birthright. Our Heavenly Father, the King knows each of us better than a natural father ever could and He has set promises and decrees that provide for us if we will but discover them and receive them by faith. May you discover your birthright as a child of the King.

I am reminded on this day of our freedom to choose truth and life and love. Giving you choice to accept and believe or to reject even His existence is a sign of love and freedom and respect for you and your dignity. You see, if God required or forced our love, it wouldn't really be love would it? If we weren't given the choice to believe (or not), we wouldn't be made in the image of an infinitely creative creator who holds ultimate freedom for all time. While we cannot choose what the world brings us, we certainly can choose our response to each new day's arrival and the adventures it brings us.

May life giving thoughts frame your world. May truth and God's Word (both written and spoken) light your path and guard your heart. May clarity be yours and abundance of true wealth. May you grow in the depth of love, insight, wisdom and tenderness with your creator and with those around you. May you grow in the knowledge of who God is and who you were created to become and stay the course in that journey.

May you choose truth, life and love consistently..

Believing for God's best for a great 2010 with you...

Matthew and Amy Ledford and the Ledford family


We all have thoughts that frame our world, lenses as to how we see things. Sometimes our world of experience causes our thoughts and view to get clouded or even broken. Our thoughts and lenses can become colored with disappointment, unforgiveness, bitterness, rejection, cynicism. Usually, these are rooted in lies that we adopt that bind us to a small distorted place that is far less than God's best for us. I pray you be refreshed and renewed to shake off anything that would keep you living in a place that is less than worthy of your birthright.

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