Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fight of Our Life Health Tour-Kirk Franlin Partnering with AHA 4 Stroke Awareness! How cool is this!

Given that I have close friends whose lives have been altered by stroke, I am excited to see more awareness developing on avoiding, treating and dealing with stroke.

I'm also proud to be associated with one of FastPivot's newest community-ecommerce strategy clients! This community will help develop a support network of resources of those whose lives have been altered by the effects of stroke.

I'm very proud that Kirk Franklin would partner with the American Heart Association! Even more that AHA would choose to partner with Kirk!!!!

Lets all go to the concerts and support them, shall we!!!?? Bring them to the Carolinas or ATL for us!! !

Go Kirk! I'm crankin' up the Fight of My Life on the speakers right NOW IN CELEBRATION !!
Fight of Our Life Health Tour

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