Saturday, March 29, 2008

Consistency, habits, why are difficult things challenging to keep up?

Well, now it is the end of March, the first quarter of 2008 and I ask myself: "What things did I start the year and not follow-thru on?" "Where did I begin well and almost immediately lose momentum?" Sometimes the loss of momentum can be discouraging. Where did busyness and pull of the details of the 'lesser things' crowd out the 'greater things'? How can I recover the 'greater things'?

The things we consistently value, we consistently do. Unfortunately, new things don't have value or habit patterns established yet and must crowd out something else we are already doing or thinking.

The end of a quarter, while not as dramatic as the end of a year, is still a good time to re-evaluate priorities. Whether it is exercise, consistent learning, or spiritual disciplines it is easy to begin in earnest only to see new good things in our life fade away from our patterns and priorities. Every day is a new day and a potential fresh start! Regaining momentum always starts with an action, a doing something, even praying for next steps in a specific area.

Once such area is blogging, even well intentioned bloggers start strong but get distracted by life outside the blog! So, now that I'm back in the blog, I'll be sharing a few more posts about the connected life.

This week Mark Anderson and Surfers On Mission are in Nicaragua with my friend Mark Randall altough IM HUGELY DISAPPOINTED NOT TO BE serving and surfing in Nicaragua THERE WITH THEM! ;-)

So as a part of the HOME team, I promise to pray for God to bless the work of their hands and the words of their mouths. I'm also reviewing my commitments to pray and help support other friends and teams in Nicaragua like Sandy and the sweet orphanages Children of Destiny and Melissa Buzbee and her family at La Chuerca-The Managua Dump and the very cool church called Verbo in Managua.
Live well, be blessed...

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